How To Spruce Up Your Old Apartment

Living in the same space for a while can become a bit of a drag but no one want to give up a good deal. So if you are looking for a change of space but not really looking to move, redecorating your current space is for you. Adding a bit of splash to life is always good and here are some tips on how you can do that without draining your budget too much.

Colour tones

A room need a change once in a while otherwise it gets boring. A good way to add a bit of colour and space is by setting a colour scheme for sections of the room. This works well if you have an open plan space of have a smaller living space. When I say colour scheme, I do not mean left side in blue and right side of the room in red. No, no but, to set a colour tone for the room to follow.  Dark colours usually take up space while light colours bring in space. Depending on what you want, choose a colour scheme that works for you. Make sure that it won’t clash too much with the other colours in the room, if it does so, it’ll be more a mess than before.


Art is a great form of gentrification. While graffiti might not help you in this instance exactly, it’s theory is right- cover the bad with art. Now when we say art, we aren’t exactly talking about a priceless Monet, but something a bit more you. You could look at local art students and check out some of their stuff. It not only helps you but it helps them as well. You can also scour yard sales and second hand stores for suitable pieces, something that suits both you and your apartment.


It will amaze you how much adding a little bit of space to your apartment can do. But unless you have the permission to break a wall or two, you might not be able to expand, fear not though we have a solution that requires not demolition. Stripes. You would be amazed by how much of a difference stripes can make. Now it might give you a bit of a headache to have to stare at stripes all day on your walls but walls aren’t the only thing that gives space. Carpeting too plays a big role. Get a carpet in a stripe design to go with the colour scheme in the room. Maybe you need a change, maybe you want a change, either way by using our little tips, you can make the change.

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