How To Make Your Dinner Party Easier

Unless you live for hosting, dinner parties aren’t always the most fun plan. But they are a somewhat necessity for functioning adults. There is only so far pizza and beer can go and after a while that is just sad. But even if you like hosting, no one will say no to getting a few helpful tips. So today we have a few titbits that can help me become the hostess of the year.


First thing you notice when you enter any place is the smell, the good, the bad, and especially the awful. Now when you have been cooking the whole day, there will be smells which linger or there might be nothing you can do about the smell of your neighbour’s funky balcony. But there are some safety precautions you can take, light a few scented candles early on or add some aroma therapy to the room. One room that will have an unavoidable relationship with smells through the night is the bathroom, but they that’s nature. So, avoid any awkwardness, light some scented candles, or put some fragrance oils in an oil burner. A good recommendation is cinnamon as it tends to have a strong smell that lasts a while and usually overpowers the other smells.

The Music

A party whatever type dinner or dance, they are controlled by one thing- the music. Even a dinner party with a few people, a little background music can never go wrong. A little bit of light jazz or soft instrumental or a contemporary song with a slow tempo would set the ideal tone. You want people to feel comfortable enough to mix and mingle without any awkwardness. But make sure that the music does not over power the conversation as that would not help the night.

The Clean Up

Personally, the worst part of a dinner party is the clean-up. It seems like the gift that won’t stop giving. This is not so much as a trick but so much as good hosting etiquette. Man or woman, cleaning up is for all, but when you have guests, it’s a job for later. Clear the dirty dishes to the sink and then return to the party and enjoy the night. It might seem unorthodox but the dishes aren’t going anywhere but your gests will eventually go home and it would be rather rude to not mingle with them. A dinner party might not be the everyone’s favourite social occasion but it has been there for years and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, in fact it seems to be a rite of passage- to indicate that you are finally a mature adult.

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