How To Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

Living in a city is never an easy task, especially when it comes to living spaces. Real estate market in any city is the same, expensive. This is provided that you want to live in a good art of the city with less travelling to work. But that all comes at a price. This would not be so much of an issue if it weren’t for the expense of everything else and the limited options available in your budget. Unless you are very lucky, chances are that you wish your apartment was bigger. While we can’t do anything to physically expand the space, we have some tips for you to make your apartment look bigger.

Light wall colours

One piece of advice from all interior designers that will stand the test of time is that righter is bigger. The lighter and brighter your rooms look, the more spacious it will seem. If you have ample window space, then you are in luck-  take full advantage of this. But, if you aren’t so lucky, fear not, your walls are coming to the rescue. A fresh coat of paint or a new wallpaper in a bright colour will really add to the flow of light in the room. But remember, there is a limit to how much brightness a room can handle. You should opt for a light and airy colour leaning towards whites and pale palettes.

Furniture away from walls and floor

Another trick you can use is to maximize the light in a room. Move all furniture away from the walls and get furniture that has been slightly elevated from the floor. This allows the illusion of space to exist.  It won’t actually add more space to the room but it will allow the light in the room to travel making the room seem airy and light.


The key to making a small space work is to make it look bigger. A great way to this is by the use of mirrors. Hang mirrors in strategic spaces such as in front of windows or at the end of hallways. This will make the limited space you have double, even if only visually. By mirrors, we don’t recommend chucky period pieces that take up the whole wall with the frame or a mirror too small to even use. But decent sized mirrors with a modern look to it. Having a small living space is one of the rites of passage in life, it paves the way for something bigger and better. So while you are in a small space, use some of our tips to make it bigger.

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