Dress Codes For Men Explained

Most event invitations now contain those two words “dress code” and sometimes it makes you think, what? Since you are googling dress codes on the internet, it is safe to say that you are half way there. But don’t worry, here we have a quick guide on what is what and what inappropriate to drees and where.


Firstly, we have the formal option. For weddings and social functions this would mean a tuxedo or a suit in a dark colour, a dress shirt, an appropriate tie, and leather shoes. When it comes to business affairs, a suit with a dress shirt, appropriate tie, and leather shoes would be acceptable. A point to be remember though, black, or dark suit would mean black or dark brown shoes.


A black-tie affair would unusually indicate that you have no choice but to wear a tuxedo with a dress shirt, black bowtie, and black leather shoes. However, you might be able to get away with a dark or black suit with a bowtie and a vest. For a daytime social function, a white jacket, white dress shirt, black bow tie, black dress pants and black shoes would be acceptable as well. For a business function, it might be acceptable to wear a black suit, a dress shirt, and a black tie.

Business casual

Business casual is usually an option you would find at a networking event or accompany event not much in social situations. An appropriate dress would be a suit without a tie or a dress shirt with dress pants and a tie with a sweater vest. It tethers on the line between business wear and casual.


In every context, this dress code differs. If in relation to a wedding or such an event, the appropriate choice would be khaki or light dress pants with a dress shirt and a tie or sans the tie and a vest. At a mixer or cocktails, the option would be dress pants and dress shirt with the choice of a sweater vest. For a social event, such as a picnic or BBQ, the option would be khaki pants or denim trousers with a polo or a sweater. For a beach affair, the option would be khaki shorts with a polo, tee-shirt or shirt sleeved shirt with sandals or slippers.

Dress codes while a bit annoying to get the hang of, it does more harm than good. It allows for everyone to be on the level without embarrassing anyone who would be otherwise under dressed. So, with the help of our quick guide, hopefully you would not out in an awkward situation.

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